Sunday, December 1, 2019

Robot with its flexible sensors of different types

Sounds so Cool and curious!!
It is So cool!!
It is a Machine which looks like a Human!!
Does All the Work of A Human!!
It is Much Much Faster than Humans!!
Does not Get Tired!!
More Accurate!!

Many People Use Robots in factories to build things like cars
The Different Parts of the cars like the Door of the Car is made by a particular Robot
The Wheels are made by different department and different Robot.
Compilation of the Different cars are done by another Robots!!

Robots are now used in medicine,
Medical Sciences use Robots for making medicines. Robots are also used for Surgeries.
 Robotic technology has helped people who have lost arms or legs. 
Robots have motor skills like the sensors. It is used to take measurement of physical variables
. Sensors are devices that are frequently used to detect and respond to electrical or optical signals.
 A Sensor converts the physical parameter like the  temperature, blood pressure, humidity, speed, etc.) into a digital signal which can be measured electrically. The example of temperature. 

Sensors Are like the senses in the Humans Which help the Robot to Sense Different objects and distances so it can easily move around.
Like the Senses Help the Humans to Move around and do different things!!
There are Different Types and Classifications of Sensors In Robotics 
Criteria to choose a Sensor
There are certain features which have to be considered when we choose a sensor. They are as given below:
1.     Accuracy
It shows How Accurate the Robot is in doing things
2. Environmental condition – It observes the limits for temperature/ humidity if it is too hot it st lto respond and vis a vis
3.     Range – Measurement limit of sensor. It is where the other object is sensed by the Robot
4.   Calibration –  The readings changes with time so it measures the reading accurately
Resolution – Smallest increment detected by the sensor
5.  It is Cost affective
7. Repeatability – The reading varies repeatedly is measured under the same environment
Robotics is an engineering study which deals  with the basic understanding,construction, design, and operation of Robots. 
Classification of Sensors.   The sensors are classified into the following criteria:
1. Primary Input quantity. How much of input it can give
2.    Transduction principles (Using physical and chemical effects)
3.    Material and Technology
4.    Application
Classification based on property is as given below
Level Sensors – Differential pressure, ultrasonic radio frequency, radar, thermal displacement, etc.
·Proximity and displacement – LVDT, photoelectric, capacitive, magnetic, ultrasonic.
·Biosensors – Resonant mirror, electrochemical, surface Plasmon resonance, Light addressable potentio-metric.
Image – Charge coupled devices
·Gas and chemical – Semiconductor, Infrared, Conductance, Electro-chemical
Others – Moisture, humidity sensorSpeed sensor, mass, Tilt sensor, force, viscosity.
Classification based on Application is as given below:
Industrial process control, measurement and automation
Non-industrial use – Aircraft, Medical products, Automobiles, Consumer electronics, other type of sensors.
Sensors can be classified based on power or energy supply requirement of the sensors:
Active Sensor – Sensors that require power supply are called as Active the  LiDAR (Light detection and ranging), photo-conductive cell.

Passive Sensor – Sensors that do not require power supply are called as Passive Sensors

In the current and future applications, sensors can be classified into groups as follows:
Accelerometers – These are based on the Micro Electro Mechanical sensor technology. They are used for patient monitoring which includes pace makers and vehicle dynamic systems.
Biosensors – These are based on the electro-chemical technology. They are used for food testing, medical care device, water testing, and biological warfare agent detection.
Image Sensors – They are used in consumer electronics,traffic and security surveillance and PC imaging.
Motion Detectors – These are based on the Ultrasonic and Radar Technology which is used  in video games and simulations light detection. 
             Conclusion : This technology was introduced to develop machines which can substitute for humans. Robots are that kind of machines that can be used in any situation or for any purposes. But today, many robots are generally used in dangerous environments, manufacturing processes, or that jobs which are dangerous for humans. Robots can be in many forms. But some are made like a human. These robots are called humanoid robots. These Robots can do exactly what the humans do. 

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